The island of Félicité nurtures and protects its delicate ecology to maintain balance and harmony. Over many years, specialists have deliberately eradicated invasive plants to allow the island to continue to flourish as nature intended it to be.

The density of the private residences and the Six Senses Zil Pasyon ensures its longevity and protection by covering only one third of the island.

Félicité is a hidden ecological jewel of Seychelles offering its guests the opportunity to become an intrinsic part of its environmental story.

The island is home to indigenous and endemic flora and fauna and the newly introduced Coco de Mer is now flourishing here. With this, it is blossoming into a haven for future introductions, including rare Seychelles bird species and the gentle giant tortoises. 

Boasting the largest tropical fruit orchard in the country, the island improves its carbon footprint by reducing freight of food items and serving the freshest variety of fruits and vegetables plucked from its gardens. Our home-grown mushrooms add further flavour to your dining delights. 

The island is home to natural springs, providing fresh water supply for our guests and our thriving natural plant life.

The surrounding turquoise seas are known habitat for sea turtles, while the corals of both Félicité and the nearby Ile Cocos National Marine Park draw snorkelling trips from around the archipelago with a variety of colourful marine life corals, schools of tropical fish, rays, dolphins and more.


Six Senses Zil Pasyon is committed to sustainability, its obligation to the environment and the community, and invites guests to share the responsibility to offset their carbon footprint.

There are programmes in place to conserve energy, manage its own reverse osmosis plant and crystal water refinery, grow an organic vegetable garden and wherever possible, keep packaging to an absolute minimum, or ensure its re-usability.


Every aspect of Zil Pasyon Residences is designed to work in harmony with the environment. Our sensitive architecture is matched by intelligent ecological practices, committed to preserving and nurturing our tropical home.

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